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Jeremy Major Journey Back to Pasadena

By: Matthew Leiva

Many may be familiar with the name Jeremy Major, which you should be. The legend of Jeremy Major began when he was 6 years old. While Jeremy played multiple sports, he made a decision to stick with basketball. Ever since that decision, Jeremy has never looked back. Jeremy is one of the best basketball players in Maranatha history, as he played four years on varsity, three-time All-CIF Southern Section first team selection, three-time Pasadena Star-News All-Area first team pick and the 2012 Olympic League MVP. As a sophomore he led Maranatha to the CIF semifinals and into the state playoffs for the first time in school history. Besides basketball, Jeremy was involved in theater and went on a missions trip to Nicaragua.

After graduating from Maranatha, Jeremy went to Pepperdine University. “I choose Pepperdine because it was close enough for my family to attend every game. Also, the players I met during the time I was being recruited were great guys. The Pepperdine education spoke for itself. A nice addition was the fact that it was in Malibu”. While at Pepperdine, Jeremy went on to be a star as he had a terrific four-year career as is the program’s all-time leader in assists and games started. Jeremy never missed a game during his four years at Pepperdine. His name will forever be ingrained at Pepperdine. Jeremy contributes his success to being coachable, dedicated and trusting his teammates. “I think it was just being very coachable and also playing with a group of guys that believed in me! Having teammates that were also very good at what they did. Those records don’t happen unless you’re with guys that believe in you just like I believed in them. Also, working hard and gradually understanding the many different ‘ways’ in the game of basketball.”

Upon graduation from Pepperdine, Jeremy Major went and played professional basketball overseas in Greece for a season, but has now returned back to Pasadena where he has been a basketball skills trainer. As Jeremy teaches others the game that he loves, he has a clear goal while he is training others. “My goal is to not only help the kids grow on the court but also help them to understand how basketball helps off the court in everyday life.” In a few years from now Jeremy hopes that all of the work that he puts into his students pays off.  “I want to be known as ‘The Guy’ to come to in the Pasadena area for basketball skills training. Also, be an active member in the community by getting out to events and also having events of my own. Being a mentor for kids in the area, whether you train with me or not, because the mentors I have had throughout the years are a huge part of the reason I am who I am today.” Jeremy’s passion to serve has been a driving force in his faith.

Jeremy has a strong faith in God, and although he admits his journey with God is not always easy, he knows that the way he interacts with others should been done through his faith.

“Faith has played a big role in my life. When things are going good or bad, faith gives you that reassurance that everything that’s happening is for a reason. Faith just showed me how I should treat all people the same. No matter if they play sports or are in theater, people are unique in their own way. With knowing that, accepting people for who they are is how I have made some of the best relationships in both high school and college.” Now after graduating from college Jeremy is using that same mindset as he continues to grow in his faith. “Faith has shown me in my work to be a lending hand that helps kids grow positively in life. Everything happens for a reason, so any kids that I meet I know they have been brought into my life for me to help positively impact them.” Jeremy credits his mom and uncle as helping him to become the person he is today. “My biggest role models growing up were definitely my mom and my uncle.  Seeing the hard work and sacrifices that my mom would make for me gave me the motivation and work ethic I have today. My uncle showed me the responsibilities of what it takes to be a man, and I admire him for that.”

As Jeremy Major reflects on his time at Maranatha he has a lot of great memories and is very proud of when he was at Maranatha. “My favorite moment at Maranatha is when I was a freshman and we were playing La Salle for CIF playoff game. I was having a really good game and the crowd started chanting, ‘He’s a freshman!’ The relationships I formed with other students and faculty is what I am the proudest of doing while at Maranatha.” Although there were a ton of great memories at Maranatha, Jeremy does wish he had accomplished one thing before leaving Maranatha; “I wish we had won a CIF championship for the basketball program in my years there.”


LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 11: Jeremy Major #3 of the Pepperdine Waves handles the ball against Harrison Henderson #3 of the USC Trojans during a NCAA college basketball game at Galen Center on December 11, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)