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The 18th Annual Rose City Roundball Classic tips off on Monday, December 2, 2019. Please check out the attached bracket for all updates and game times.

A Minute to Appreciate Minutemen

MADSports Episode 10, A Minute to Appreciate Minutemen, is an “Atta-Boy” segment that gives our student-athletes (and coaches) an opportunity to appreciate someone special for a stellar performance or for their support.  We hope you enjoy…  

Getting to Know You

Welcome back to MADSports and another episode of Getting to Know You.  Madison Kane interviews 3 student-athlete leaders, giving NathaNation an opportunity to meet some of our fantastic young people.  We hope you enjoy…

Back In My Day

MADSports Episode 8 is Back In My Day.  Madison Kane connects with some current and former student-athletes to hear about their seasons and to offer words of wisdom to underclassmen.  Sorry for the delay, but we hope you enjoy…

Take On Me

Weeeeeeeelcome to TAKE ON ME!!  In this episode some of our student-athletes will be playing NATHA, which is a variation of horse.  We hope you enjoy! A huge thank you to our contestants; Aria Haver-Hill, Sophie Berry, Sam Ok, and Bethany Ang.