Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Welcome to the Minutemen Sports Medicine Program! For over 18 years our staff has worked hard to build our program from its infancy into a leader in athletic health care in the secondary school setting.  We invite you to read through our page in order to learn a little bit more about our program and the services we offer to our student-athletes.

What is the Sports Medicine Program/Athletic

Training Center?

Under the direction of a team physician, our certified Athletic Trainer has developed an emergency action plan for the schools’ athletic department; regularly evaluates injuries; obtains pertinent medical histories; maintains expertise in emergency procedures; maintains records for injury evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation; and provides daily preventative, rehabilitative, and reconditioning treatments.

Although most injuries occurring in high school athletics are minor, we are pleased to offer trained and educated personnel on-site to care for our athletes. Injuries that are treated immediately, and allowed to heal properly may reduce the risk of a more serious injury or re-injury. Our certified Athletic Trainer provides necessary daily supervision of rehabilitation and reconditioning programs allowing for safe return to participation. A team approach is utilized between the Athletic Trainer, physician, parents, athlete and coach as applicable.

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